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Sasuke x Reader: ~ I promise <3 ~
   You walked the empty streets of Konoha alone. It was around 12:00 pm. And you were shivering. In the deep depths of Winter who wouldn't be? You didn't know exactly where you were walking. All you knew is that you missed somebody deeply. Who would of thought in all of these years it would be an Uchiha... Sasuke Uchiha to be exact.

  You still remembered that one time he smiled at you. While Sakura was beating up Naruto in the background. You were randomly babbling on about you're past since well.. He asked. You talked about how you're whole clan abandoned you because you were the weakest link. And when you looked up at Sasuke. He wasn't smirking, he was smiling softly at you.

  Damn how you missed that boy so much it hurt. You wanted to grab you're heart but you were sure it had already been torn out of your chest. The coldness was getting to you and you started to feel light-headed. You were almost to your house but you could feel yourself blacking out. Suddenly you collapsed on the white blanket of snow. passed out.

~~~~ Time Skip/ 2 hours later ~~~~~

   You were awoken by a sugary scent of hot chocolate. The warm air hitting your cold body amazingly. You didn't know where you were but as soon as you opened your eyes you saw your room. You went calm for a second but then you heard someone moving from the next room over. Getting into fighting stance you stood up. And waited for the intruder to come in.

   As soon as a figure came into sight you pounced. And collapsed onto them by accident. "Whoa (f/n) calm down you're body has not adjusted just yet. You need to lie down..." You looked up to see who it was. A jet black haired boy with dark black eyes was staring down at you.

   "S-Sasuke"? You stuttered. He tried to help you get up but you refused. "Whats wrong(f/n)? Don't you want my help getting up"? You sat on the floor and pouted. "No.. You weren't there to help me deal with things when you left. Why do you want to help now"? You looked up at him. Almost shouting. He stuttered a bit but the only thing to come out of his lips was a gentle "I'm sorry". You looked away with tears in your eyes. " Apology NOT accepted".

    There was a stinging awkward silence after that moment. So you decided to fill it. "I loved you, you know. I wasn't as affectionate as Sakura though. But I still loved you with all of my heart. You were like my other half. You understood what I had been through. But no you just up and left me here". You were looking away. Not even wanting to see the dark haired boy's expression.

     You're (h/l) (h/c) Hair covered your eyes. The only thing that could be noticed was you're tears. " (y/n) I'm so sorry, if I had the choice I'd have taken you with me. Please forgive me, I loved you for all these years and I have no intention of losing you again. Please (f/n)".

      "If you love me you'd stay". You spoke. He held your hand and caressed your cheek. "I promise I will this time". He said, looking you deep in the eyes. "Promise"? You said childishly. He kissed you're soft lips and you melted into the kiss. When you pulled away he whispered in you're ear.

                            " I promise".. <3
Another fanfiction! :3 Yay! Please let me be aware of any grammar/spelling errors I may have. And if you liked it please favourite it and leave a comment! :3 Thanks so much!! <3 ( And Moon I'm still working on the story with you and a cookie, Its almost done :3 )
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